Programme and Event Details

09:45–10:00             Arrival and registration

Session 1 — Subtitling (10:00–13:00)

10:00–11:15            Presentations and Q&A

– Dr Agnieszka Szarkowska (University of Warsaw, Poland)
– Dr David Orrego-Carmona (Aston University)

– Dr Elena Di Giovanni (University of Macerata, Italy)

11:15–11:45             Tea and coffee break

11:45–13:00             Presentations and Q&A

– Kristin Gerdes (translation, subtitling, editing)
– Adriana Tortoriello (translation, subtitling, editing)

– Jan-Hendrik Hein (A+E Networks UK)

13:00–14:00             Lunch (provided)

Session 2 — Translation and adaptation (14:00–17:30)

14:00–15:45             Presentations and Q&A

– Dr Kirsty Sedgman (University of Bristol)
– Dr Laura Macdonald (University of Portsmouth)
– Dr Richard Mansell (University of Exeter)
– Dr Gabriela Saldanha (University of Birmingham)

15:45–16:00             Tea and coffee break

16:00–17:30             Roundtable on researching audiences



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