Migrating Texts 2015


A one day colloquium on subtitling, translation and adaptation
Friday 13 November 2015, Senate House, London, WC1E 7HU

Thanks to generous funding from the London Arts and Humanities Partnership, Migrating Texts returned on Friday 13 November 2015. Building on what we learnt from Migrating Texts 2014, this time we focused on specific social issues: increasing accessibility to written and audiovisual texts, inspiring linguistic and intercultural learning, and understanding attitudes to other cultures through the way they are represented in translations, subtitled media and adaptations.

By bringing together leading academics with representatives of the creative and cultural industries, these colloquia provide participants with a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and explore the opportunities for collaboration between these two, often falsely separated, worlds. The events showcase the possibilities open to researchers with both language skills and knowledge of texts, whether you want to increase your impact and public engagement, or are looking for alternatives to an academic career.

More details about the programme are available here.