About the organisers

Dr Katie Brown (University of Bristol – Latin American Studies)

Katie teaches Spanish and Latin American culture at the University of Bristol. She completed a PhD at King’s College London on contemporary Venezuelan literature in its socio-political context, looking specifically at the disconnect between the official idea of literature as a socialist, nation-building tool and authors’ desire for autonomy. She is co-editor of Crude Words, an anthology of Venezuelan writing in English translation (Ragpicker Press, 2016); runs venezuelanliterature.co.uk, featuring news, reviews and translations; and contributes to Latin American Literature Today.

Dr Carla Mereu Keating (University of Bristol – Translation Studies)

Carla is a British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Bristol. Her current project focuses on the history of Audiovisual Translation in Europe and in the United States. Her monograph The Politics of Dubbing: Film Censorship and State Intervention in the Translation of Foreign Cinema in Fascist Italy has recently been published by Peter Lang, Oxford, in the ‘New Trends in Translation Studies’ series.

Dr Katia Pizzi (Institute of Modern Languages Research – Italian Studies)

Katia is a Senior Lecturer at the IMLR, part of the School of Advanced Studies. Her research interests include the literature, history and cultural history of Trieste and the Italian northeastern borders, identity linked to memory, nationhood, gender, ethnicity and confession. She is Director of the Centre for Cultural Memory Studies and member of the European research projects ACUME. Visit her staff profile for more information: http://research.sas.ac.uk/imlr/staff/29/dr-katia-pizzi/

Dr Kit Yee Wong (Birkbeck – French Studies)

Kit has recently completed her PhD in the Department of Cultures and Languages at Birkbeck, University of London. Her thesis is on the presence of illness and evil as related mythical constructs in the novels of the French nineteenth-century writer Émile Zola. She has taught in the Department of English and Humanities at Birkbeck, on poetry, the novel, and critical theory. She has also been an Associate Lecturer teaching adaptation and Zola’s novel La Bête humaine in Birkbeck’s French department


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